Ethics Statements


This is the statement of ethics for Academic Journal of TEAM Journal of Hospitality & Tourism.  The TEAM Journal is the official publication of the Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia. This statement is adapted from the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and covers the code of ethics for the chief editor, editorial board members, reviewers and authors.


  • Are accountable for any shortcoming in their work.
  • Are responsible for recognizing and disclosing any competing interest that could be perceived to bias the work.
  • Are responsible for acknowledging all financial supports and any other relevant financial or nonfinancial competing interests.
  • Have the responsibility to submit the original work and not the work that has been published in other journals.
  • Should not submit the work that is under review in another journal simultaneously.
  • Are only allowed to submit their work elsewhere after receiving a formal rejection from the journal.
  • Should submit only original work that is not plagiarized.
  • Should state their results clearly, honestly, and without fabrication.
  • List the names of those who have made a significant contributions to the paper.


  • Must disclose any competing interest before agreeing to review a paper.
    • Should refuse to review the paper due to inadequate knowledge.
    • Review all submissions professionally.
    • Reveal any ethical misconduct encountered while reviewing the paper to the Chief Editor for further action.
    • Should be alert to any plagiarism and redundant publication.
    • Must not discuss the content of the submitted paper with others.
    • Adhere to the time allocated for the review process.

• Evaluate the manuscripts fairly.
• Ensure confidentiality of the manuscripts.
• Give clear instructions on the submission process and what is expected of the authors.
• Ensure appropriate reviewers are identified/ selected for the reviewing process.


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