Volume 08, Issue 1, 2011


Volume 8, Issue 1, December 2011

Vol 8 Cover

Exploring Economic Valuation and Impact of Rural Tourism
Nitanan Koshy Matthew, Ahmad Shuib, Sridar Ramachandran, Syamsul Herman and Vikneswaran Nair
Sustainability of Homestay as a Form of Community-Based Tourism (CBT): A Case Study of the Rural Community in Bavanat-Iran
Leila Pakshir and Vikneswaran Nair
Developing a Hospitality and Tourism Curriculum in a Two-Year College in Japan
Kayoko Yoshida and Kyoko Morikoshi
Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Engagement: A Case Study in Five-Star Hotels, Malaysia
Yiran Wang
Evaluation of Service Recovery Strategies in the Hotel Industry: Perspectives of the Front Office Department
Fanggy Theresia Sumaco and Kashif Hussain
Intention of Young Travellers to Participate in Work-Stay Programmes in Malaysian Beach Hotels or Resorts: The Components
Lisa Tung Pei Pei, Sharon Linang Jimbun and Kwong Wing Chong




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