Volume 06, Issue 1, 2009


Volume 6, Issue 1, December 2009

Vol 6 Cover



The Relevancy of the Innkeepers’ Act 1952 in the Current Malaysian Accommodation Sector
Sharija Che Shaari



Job Creation In Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMTEs)
Uma Thevi Munikrishnan and Bhuvanes Verakumaran



Following the Trail of Women Homestay Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: Understanding Their Motivation and Empowerment
Intan Osman, Zainal Ariffin Ahmad, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Azrina Husin, Saridan Abu Bakar and Nur Diyana Tanwir



The Implications of Hotel Employee Satisfaction in Promoting Quality Tourism at the Cultural Heritage Site of Petra-Jordan
Khalid Magablih and Adnan Al Shiab
The Empirical Evidence of Human Resource Practices by SMEs in Accommodation: Issues of Training, Benefits and Staff Retention
Jennifer Kim Lian Chan
Fostering Experiential Learning in Nonformal Education: Case Studies of Tourism Clubs in Secondary Schools
Ahmad Puad Mat Som and Alhilal Furqan
The Influence of Cultural Similarity and Individual Factors on Visitation
Siew Imm Ng, Julie Anne Lee and Geoffrey N. Soutar




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